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Capital: Montevideo
Population: 3.4 million
Percentage Evangelical: 6.2%
Year Camino Ministry Began: 2009

Easter in Uruguay

through the eyes of a Camino missionary

“Through our time in Uruguay, I have been given a first-hand look into the ways many people celebrate Easter. The influence of the Catholic church has dwindled since the beginning of the 1900s when the Church and State formally separated. The State has even changed the name of Holy Week to Tourism Week. Slowly, Holy Week has begun to lose its religious aspect. Uruguay is even considered one of the most secular nations in the Americas. It breaks my heart to see so many people who do not understand the meaning and significance of Holy Week or even Easter.

On Easter Sunday, older Uruguayans may go to church and families often participate in the lingering tradition of exchanging chocolate Easter eggs with their children. But for the majority of Uruguayans, Tourism Week is vacation and a chance to spend time with family. People are just not focused on celebrating Easter as the meaning behind Christ’s death and resurrection.

For me, Easter is a very special celebration. It is time to reflect on what Christ has done for us on the cross and through His resurrection. Through believing in Christ, we have eternal life.”

Country Profile

Bordering Argentina and Brazil, and roughly the size of the state of Oklahoma, Uruguay is the only country in the western hemisphere, besides Canada, that lies entirely outside of the tropics.

Uruguay is significantly influenced by postmodern Europe, and is the most secular and atheistic nation in Latin America. Evangelicals comprise less than 3 percent of Uruguay’s overall population. Although one of the most spiritually-needy countries in all of South America, few mission organizations have identified it as a ministry priority.

This country needs cross-cultural servants who will apply innovative approaches to ministry in an environment where progress may be slow to come.

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