Why Partner With Camino?

Powerful Partnership

As a ministry partner with Camino, you stand with us on the shoulders of generations of godly men and women who have paved the road for this journey over the last one hundred and twenty-two years of ministry to Spanish speakers.

The power of this partnership lies in the firm foundation of decades of ministry among those who speak Spanish, and the new reality of missionaries leaving from Central and South America and Spain to pursue cross-cultural ministry in places of even greater need than their home countries.

You are an important partner in this vision.

Expand Your Reach with Camino Global

Sharing the journey with Camino Global enables you to empower and serve the Spanish-speaking church in making disciples around the world.

Together with Camino, you are strategically positioned to fuel:

  • Evangelism and church planting efforts
  • Theological education at 7 seminaries
  • Mobilization of Spanish-speaking missionaries to new fields
  • Innovations in business-as-missions
  • Internet ministry, reaching Spanish speakers worldwide, wherever they live
  • Partnerships with organizations that share in this vision and passion
  • Spiritual formation and care of missionaries

Did you know? Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world (nearly half a billion).