• Bibles for Evangelism in Uruguay

    Provide a Bible for a person in Montevideo, Uruguay. Children and adults in Montevideo are demonstrating a desire to read and study the Word of God, but they do not have their own Bible.

  • Marriage Retreats for Pastors

    Uruguayan ministry leaders and their wives live a delicate balance in which they work full-time outside the church, pastor a church, and prepare sermons. Meanwhile God still calls them to prioritize their family.

    Engedi retreats provide a break from all responsibilities for mi...

  • Montevideo Evangelistic Dinner Concerts

    Partner with our team in Uruguay to reach the people of Montevideo through evangelistic concerts.

  • Training: Ministry to Muslims

    Many believers have prayed for this and it is happening! Latin Americans are spreading the gospel among Muslims. Camino missionaries in Uruguay have an opportunity to partner with two mission boards based in Argentina to train and send missionaries from South America to reach the Muslim...