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  • Athletic Shoes for School Kids

    Ever try to play in gym class with no tennis shoes? It's just no fun! Many low income families that have their children in Penzotti Evangelical Institute (a Christian school in Tegucigalpa, Honduras), can barely afford to buy one pair of formal school shoes for their little ones to use ...

  • Back to School

    In southern Honduras, many rural families struggle with day to day sustenance. Although education is free, many families cannot send their children to school because they cannot afford to purchase uniforms, shoes, and required school supplies.

    The best case scenario for some f...

  • Backpacks for Education

    Help children in Honduras go to school prepared to meet their full potential.

  • Basic Discipleship Literature

    Help provide basic literacy material, Bibles for new readers, and Sunday School curriculum and other basic discipleship materials for literacy outreach in Honduras.

  • Books and Literature for Honduran Pastors

    There are still many pastors in Central America who cannot afford to purchase basic Bible study tools.

  • Catalina Landis School

    Help Camino transform communities by providing central air for classroms in the Catalinda Landis School in Honduras.

  • Clean Water for Honduras

    Help provide clean water for churches and communities in Honduras that struggle with an inadequate water supply due to large populations and city water shortages.

  • Evangelical Educational Community

    The Evangelical Educational Community is a Christian Bilingual School with 270 students (Kinder, Elementary an High School). One of the goal is to provide education of quality and with Christian values and to be available to children from families of low economic resorces and from famil...

  • Home for Hondurans

    Help local churches meet the need for housing in their communities through servant evangelism projects. 

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