• Camino Global Partners (Canada)

    The mission of Camino Global in Canada is to make discples of Jesus Christ, serving among and with Spanish speakers globally. You can partner with Camino Global in Canada to make this happen.

  • Camino Global Vision Fund

    A gift toward the Vision Fund will help Camino launch new transformation initiatives, improve services for our members, and significantly expand our global reach.

  • Ediciones Las Americas (ELA)

    Publishing Ministry based in Puebla, Mexico, serving the Spanish-speaking Church with quality books and literature for more than 60 years.

  • Expansion to New Fields

    Support collaborative work with churches and organizations in other countries to mobilize global multi-ethnic teams — such as Filipino and Central-American workers reaching unreached areas of the Philippines.

  • FAM International

    FAM (the Fraternity for the Advancement of Missions) was born as a result of the International Consultation on Missions in 1999 in Guatemala City.

  • ObreroFiel

    The ObreroFiel Internet-based ministry faithfully serves Spanish-speaking Christian leaders around the world by providing quality ministry materials and services. Still early in its development, this ministry’s growth potential is truly amazing.

  • Where Most Needed

    Join the journey with Camino Global and walk with us to make disciples globally. Your partnership in the global ministry of Camino provides the critical funding for mission leadership to pursue the vision God has given for the ministry.