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  • Backpacks for Education

    Help children in Honduras go to school prepared to meet their full potential.

  • Barnabas' Cabin

    “Barnabas’ Cabin” (Cabaña Bernabé)  provides pastoral care to the Latin Missions Force in various countries. It's needs are $40,000 and the project duration is 5 years.

  • Basic Discipleship Literature

    Help provide basic literacy material, Bibles for new readers, and Sunday School curriculum and other basic discipleship materials for literacy outreach in Honduras.

  • Bibles for Evangelism in Uruguay

    Provide a Bible for a person in Montevideo, Uruguay. Children and adults in Montevideo are demonstrating a desire to read and study the Word of God, but they do not have their own Bible.

  • Books and Literature for Honduran Pastors

    There are still many pastors in Central America who cannot afford to purchase basic Bible study tools.

  • Camino Global Partners (Canada)

    The mission of Camino Global in Canada is to make discples of Jesus Christ, serving among and with Spanish speakers globally. You can partner with Camino Global in Canada to make this happen.

  • Camino Global Vision Fund

    A gift toward the Vision Fund will help Camino launch new transformation initiatives, improve services for our members, and significantly expand our global reach.

  • Casita Outreach Events

    Help reach out to the families that live near the largest land fill dump in Central America. 

  • Catalina Landis School

    Help Camino transform communities by providing central air for classroms in the Catalinda Landis School in Honduras.

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