14:6 Vida in Toledo

Participate in the start-up of 14:6 Vida in Toledo, Spain.

14:6 Vida exists to evangelize and make disciples of Christ. 


Established and registered as a Spanish association in 2016, 14:6 Vida exists to evangelize and make disciples of Christ. Activities include: church meetings for the starting of a new church; discipleship Bible studies; seminars for the strengthening of the evangelical community; and Scripture distribution.

The major emphasis of the work of evangelism and discipleship is in the starting of a new church. To help strengthen believers within the Toledo evangelical community, 14:6 Vida will offer a Basic Course in Hermeneutics to help them in their daily Bible study. For church leaders, an on-going forum on Expositional Preaching has begun. As for evangelistic outreach, plans are underway for a workshop in Gospel music--very popular in the society at large—in order to introduce others to the Gospel. Book presentations by Christian authors is another way the association will seek to share the Christian message.

Financial needs:

Besides the monthly rent and utilities of $650 per month for the association storefront, some one-time expenses include the costs of preparing the storefront. Priority improvements to the storefront include work on ventilation, electricity, bathroom remodeling, and improvements to the acoustics. There will also be need for painting and decoration; the setting up a kitchenette with refrigerator, sink and counter tops; purchases of additional chairs, tables, bookcases, and cabinets. 

Help with these expenses in the form of one-time or on-going gifts are greatly appreciated.

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