• Jose and Karina Alonso

    José and Karina Alonso have been serving in Colombia since 1998. They have been involved in church planting, crisis pregnancy ministries and now theological education. They started Logos Bible Institute in the capital city of Bogotá in October 2011 to train pastors, missionaries, pr...

  • Oscar and Ana Maria Campos

    Ana María and Oscar are dedicated to training men and women for Christian ministry at Central American Theological Seminary (SETECA). They influence over 1200 students from 22 countries who become pastors, missionaries around the world, and Christian workers. Over 2,300 are serving in 30 d...

  • Joel and Vivian Lara

    Joel and Vivian live in Baeza, Spain. They collaborate with the church of Ubeda doing evangelism, discipling, encouraging and teaching for believers in the local church. Joel participates with Red Cross as doctor, making contacts and sharing life.

  • Mario y YĆ©sika Lemus

    FAM International is represented in 10 countries in Latin America and more than 50 missionary units working in different parts of the world. As president of FAM International, Mario Lemus, is responsible on the administrati...

  • Yomila Morales

    Serving with FAM in Guatemala.

  • Alejandro and Flora Pommier

    Serving with FAM in the United States.

  • Sergio and Miriam Ramirez

    Sergio and Miriam have served in church planting in Spain with Camino Global since 1985.

    Miriam taught the Bible at the public school in Santander for 16 years. Sergio has a Bible teaching ministry in Bible Institutes, Bible conferences, and youth camps besides the church planting minis...

  • Claudio and Lucia Yeme

    Claudio and Lucia have served with FAM International and Camino Global since 2004. They lead church-planting efforts for Spanish speakers in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Absalon and Ana T. Zavala

    Absalon and Ana live in West Palm Beach, Florida, where they train groups of Hispanic believers, assist churches in southern Florida, and preach God's word among the Hispanic churches.