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  • Paul and Grace Becker

    Serving in the United States with Obrerofiel.com.

  • John Buynitzky

    John serves presently at Camino Dallas doing online counseling with Spanish speakers, tutoring ESL, serving in the receipting department, and HOPE Coffee.

  • Beth Hanna

    Beth serves the administrative needs for the Obrero Fiel team as they run www.obrerofiel.com. Beth also serves in discipling the women of the Abundant Life Bible Church.

  • Robert and Shirley Kasper

    Bob and Shirley joined Camino Global in 1998. Their ministry at the Central American Theological Seminary (SETECA) in Guatemala City has included Bob's directing of graduate programs and teaching. Shirley has been involved with the Guest Housing facilities for 6 years, and more recently small pro...

  • Beverly Kendal

    Living near the Mexican border, allows for a lot of interaction with Spanish speakers and there are many Hispanic churches. Beverly ministers in one of the Hispanic church plants. She also works with the Internet ministries of Global Media Outreach, which is an evangelistic ministry reaching Span...

  • Joel and Vivian Lara

    Joel and Vivian live in Baeza, Spain. They collaborate with the church of Ubeda doing evangelism, discipling, encouraging and teaching for believers in the local church. Joel participates with Red Cross as doctor, making contacts and sharing life.

  • Jerry and Miriam Laursen

    Jerry trains Hispanic leaders through writing for the Camino's partner ministry site www.ObreroFiel.com, contributing original study materials, Bible commentaries, sermons, etc., accessed for free by Spanish-speaking leaders around the...

  • Jim and Gail McKelvey

    Jim and Gail have served with Camino Global since 1965. They have ministered both in Guatemala and in Southern California, first with the K'anjobal people and subsequently with Hispanics. Their primary focus is currently a discipleship ministry.

  • Rich and Sara Musgrave

    Rich and  Sara have served with Camino Global since 1996, first as teachers and director of Puebla Christian Schools in Puebla, Mexico, serving missionary families until 2008, and then with Campamento Koinonia in Amealco, Qro, Mexico.  Since 2012 they have focused full time on ObreroFie...

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