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  • Jim and Gail McKelvey

    Jim and Gail have served with Camino Global since 1965. They have ministered both in Guatemala and in Southern California, first with the K'anjobal people and subsequently with Hispanics. Their primary focus is currently a discipleship ministry.

  • Alan and Beth McManus

    We are educators who assist missionary families that are homeschooling their children in central Mexico. We provide tutoring and teaching (in person and via Skype), a 10,000 book library, annual testing, educational counseling, etc. Through evangelism and discipleship we are also developing a hou...

  • Sergio & Linda Mijangos

    Sergio & Linda have been serving at the Central American Theological Seminary in Guatemala for over 25 years. Sergio has served in many areas; currently he oversees and teaches in the M.A. in Counseling program, counsels, and oversees the seminary's Counseling Center. Linda is one of the coun...

  • Art and Marita Mikesell

    Church planting in Mexico.

  • Winnie Minear

    Winnie trains Honduran Sunday school teachers equipping them to reach and teach children for Christ. She teaches weekend seminars in local churches giving Christian Education topics that meet the needs of each church where the seminars are given. Winnie teaches Bible classes at a large public sch...

  • Nelson and Milby Morales

    Nelson and Milby support the church to fulfill its responsibility to instruct the children to follow Jesus Christ providing strategies and resources as Action Bible and Sunday School material. They are involved in communities like Las Presas, Cochico, Aguacatan, San Antonio Huista, La Democracia,...

  • Yomila Morales

    Serving with FAM in Guatemala.

  • Carlos and Sheila Moya

    Carlos and Sheila Moya are going to serve in Barcelona Spain in FIT IBSTE as Associate Dean and Professor of theology.

    Carlos is a graduate from FIT IBSTE and will be graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary in May 2014 with a Thm. Sheila is a social worker and graduated from Taylor ...

  • Clyde and Edith Murphy

    Discipleship and theological education in Guatemala.

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