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  • Rich and Sara Musgrave

    Rich and  Sara have served with Camino Global since 1996, first as teachers and director of Puebla Christian Schools in Puebla, Mexico, serving missionary families until 2008, and then with Campamento Koinonia in Amealco, Qro, Mexico.  Since 2012 they have focused full time on ObreroFie...

  • Brian and Maryanne Nacy

    Brian and Maryanne have been with Camino Global since 1997, first as Church Planters in Mexico City, Mexico and since 2010 in Church Advancement and Discipleship Ministries in Puebla, Mexico.

  • Giovanni and Migena Najera

    Giovanni is from Guatemala, and Migena is from Albania. They ministers in the city of Tirana, Albania where Giovanni actually is Tirana Bible Church pastor. Their mission is to make disciples, and their vision is to establish a multiplying church. Also they are encouraging, and helping in the est...

  • Jim Neathery

    Missionary serving with Camino Global.

  • Tim and Julie Nelson

    Global mobilization and leadership training in Honduras.

  • Jack and Julie O'Brien

    Jack and Julie have served with Camino Global since 1979. They ministered in church planting in Guadalajara, Mexico. Later, Jack served as Director of Puebla Bible Seminary. In 1998 they moved to the Philadelphia area, becoming involved in missions mobilization and Hispanic ministries.

  • Tim and Michelle O'Brien

    Tim and Michelle O’Brien, along with their 4 children, have been missionaries with Camino Global since 2004. They both grew up as missionary kids and were greatly influenced by God’s work with a global framework. The O’Brien family served in Mexico for six and a half years in lo...

  • Phil and Lori O'Day

    Phil and Lori have served with Camino Global since 1992, first in church-planting and field administration in Mexico City, then from 2002 – 2008 as Director of Mobilization (missionary recruitment and new member training), and from 2008 - 2012 as Director of Organizational Development ...

  • Jon and Trish Olvera

    Since Jon and Trish were young, camp has played an important role in their spiritual growth and maturity. Their desire is to help establish a youth Bible Camp in Honduras to bring new believers to Christ as well as strengthen young believers in their spiritual walk. They pray this ministry will b...

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