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  • Home Office 50th Anniversary

    Home Office 50th Anniversary

    30 January, 2016

    Camino's east Dallas home office campus was dedicated on January 30, 1966.

  • "Bodas de Diamante" - Remembering Camino's Diamond Anniversary

    20 August, 2015

    Diamond Anniversary, 50 years later - Remembering the 1966 anniversary celebration of the 75 years of ministry of the Central American Mission.

  • 125th Anniversary Celebration

    125th Anniversary Celebration

    2 July, 2015

    On November 14, 2015, there will be two opportunities to commemorate Camino Global's 125th anniversary: a Celebration Luncheon and a Gala Celebration Banquet.

  • Opposition in 1973 Spain

    Opposition in 1973 Spain

    31 March, 2015

    "There was a slight lull and to this day I don’t know what prompted me. I found myself speaking up, 'I should identify myself. It is obvious that I am not from Segovia.' "

  • God Does All Things Well

    God Does All Things Well

    13 January, 2015

    LaVeta Sparks, long-time Camino missionary with her husband Bill, shares how God opened doors for the gospel in Guatemala in the early 1960's.

  • My Visit to Talamanca and the Indians

    My Visit to Talamanca and the Indians

    13 January, 2015

    William McConnell, Camino's first missionary, relates the spiritual condition he found upon his visit to a tribe of indigenous people in Costa Rica in 1891. Originally published 1892.

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