• Impact through Innovation - Global Training and Resourcing

    Impact through Innovation - Global Training and Resourcing

    22 February, 2017

    A globally coordinated effort of online and off line strategies, infused with innovation and new tools, to equip the Church for maximum impact among and with Spanish speakers globally.

  • Worth the Wait

    Worth the Wait

    10 October, 2013

    Brandon Scott, a missionary with Camino Global, shares a story of leadership transformation amidst the coffee plantations of the Guatemalan coast.

  • Intensifying the Light

    Intensifying the Light

    9 July, 2013

    Dan and Sue Wicher will establish a ministry base in Madrid to heighten the effectiveness of Latin missionaries serving in the world’s most spiritually dark places.

  • Camino to Galvez

    Camino to Galvez

    9 July, 2012

    There comes a moment when every man realizes that he can go no further. That he is not as tough as he thought. That the men around him are tougher, better adapted, and just plain better at walking mountain trails that he.