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  • "Bodas de Diamante" - Remembering Camino's Diamond Anniversary

    20 August, 2015

    Diamond Anniversary, 50 years later - Remembering the 1966 anniversary celebration of the 75 years of ministry of the Central American Mission.

  • Chalo's 1922 Model T Ford

    Chalo's 1922 Model T Ford

    15 December, 2014

    Jim Cottrill, Camino Global missionary in Mexico City, shares another Camino missionary's unique idea for evangelism in his community.

  • December 12th... every year

    December 12th... every year

    12 December, 2014

    Tina Barham, missionary in Mexico City, relates some of the religious practices that pull people away from the all-sufficient saving work of Jesus Christ.

  • KidsGames for the Big Games

    KidsGames for the Big Games

    24 November, 2014

    The Pan American Games will be hosted in Ontario in July 2015! Camino Global is working to equip and enable Christians and churches to make a real difference in their community for the sake of the gospel.

  • God-ordained encounters

    God-ordained encounters

    22 October, 2013

    One summer day in 2012, Francisco dropped by a church in Pachuca, Mexico. Jonathan Baker, Camino missionary, shares how it proved to be God's perfect provision at just the right time.

  • Waiting for the Harvest

    Waiting for the Harvest

    15 August, 2013

    In some countries, thousands of people accept the Lord daily and dedicate their lives to Him. Here in Spain, it may take years for someone to make a decision to follow the Lord. Reflections from the EMERGE summer internship program.


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