• Opposition in 1973 Spain

    Opposition in 1973 Spain

    31 March, 2015

    "There was a slight lull and to this day I don’t know what prompted me. I found myself speaking up, 'I should identify myself. It is obvious that I am not from Segovia.' "

  • Spain History Tour - October 2015

    Spain History Tour - October 2015

    4 December, 2014

    In 2015, European Mobilization Director Chris Matthews will take a group on a historical tour to discover the untold story of the Spanish Reformation.

  • Waiting for the Harvest

    Waiting for the Harvest

    15 August, 2013

    In some countries, thousands of people accept the Lord daily and dedicate their lives to Him. Here in Spain, it may take years for someone to make a decision to follow the Lord. Reflections from the EMERGE summer internship program.


  • Intensifying the Light

    Intensifying the Light

    9 July, 2013

    Dan and Sue Wicher will establish a ministry base in Madrid to heighten the effectiveness of Latin missionaries serving in the world’s most spiritually dark places.