Go Long-Term

Much of the ministry vision of Camino Global requires cross-cultural servants who are in it for the long haul.  While real impact can happen in short time frames, the bigger picture of transformation of communities, cities and nations requires a commitment to time; time to build trust, time to establish healthy churches, time to train leaders, time to see Biblical maturity take root.

Most Long-Term missionaries point to a shorter-term experience as key to their process of discovering God's will for them to expand their service.  Long-Term members of Camino are generally confident of their call to serve for an extended season, and often vocationally, in cross-cultural ministry.  A long-term assignment requires careful prayer, preparation and commitment. Applicants must demonstrate maturity and Christ-likeness in their character.

Long-Term applicants should:

  • Be in agreement with the doctrinal statement of Camino Global.
  • Be willing to work in a team environment.
  • Be active in and have the support of their home church.
  • Have a college degree and/or extensive prior ministry and field missionary service experience.
  • Have a biblical, theological or missiological degree, or a an equivalent degree and ministry experience specific to ministry assignment. if desiring to pursue a Theological Education ministry focus, applicants should have a master’s degree in biblical, theological or missiological studies.
  • Be available to travel for a pre field visit to determine ministry and field team fit.
  • Be available to attend Candidate Assessment & Orientation for one week at the Camino home office.
  • Be willing to attend a pre-field cross-cultural training course at CIT (Center for Intercultural Training http://www.cit-online.org/) as well as language training.

Did you know? In Spanish, "Camino" means "journey, way or path."