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  • 14:6 Vida in Toledo

    Participate in the start-up of 14:6 Vida in Toledo, Spain.

    14:6 Vida exists to evangelize and make disciples of Christ. 

  • Adopt a Student for Work Scholarship

    Help one of FIT IBSTE's students who has applied by faith to complete either the 1 or the 4 year program in Theology. These students have very few resources either because of the lack of family support because of their commitment to God, or the financial crisis in Spain with few part ti...

  • Al-Andalus Seminary and Monastery Project

    Growth! That is the key word for the Al Andalus seminary this year as the leadership has secured a new location in Santiponce to grow from 25 to 75 students.  The current facilities only have space for one classroom and a small library space for a small group.  ...

  • Chamber Music Concerts

    Chamber orchestra concerts are being held in the Monastery of San Isidoro del Campo in Santiponce, Sevilla. Total estimated 2016 costs: $8,000. Start up costs of $2,000 over the next four months then another $6,000 in the final quarter of 2016.

  • Church-based Bible Training Manuals

    Help strengthen local churches in the south of Spain. You can provide for the printing of Bible Training Center for Leaders materials in Spanish for the many leaders who struggle under the unemployment rate of 30% is this region of Spain.

  • Doors for FIT IBSTE Resident Building

    The time has come to make our resident building more cost efficient with the replacement of 60 year old wooden doors which are weathered and warped.

  • Evangelistic Calendars for Spain

    For over 15 years Camino missionaries have been reaching Santander, Spain with the gospel using pocket sized evangelistic calendars.

  • Madrid Gospel Choir

    Partner with the Coro Gospel de Madrid (Madrid Gospel Choir) to reach Spaniards for Christ with music.

  • Philemon House

    Philemon House was established to enhance the effectiveness and ministry longevity of Latin-American missionaries living and working in gospel-resistant cultures. The ministry offers training, family retreat facilities, pastoral care, and logistical support to Latin-American workers min...

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