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  • 14:6 Vida in Toledo

    Participate in the start-up of 14:6 Vida in Toledo, Spain.

    14:6 Vida exists to evangelize and make disciples of Christ. 

  • Adopt a Student for Work Scholarship

    Help one of FIT IBSTE's students who has applied by faith to complete either the 1 or the 4 year program in Theology. These students have very few resources either because of the lack of family support because of their commitment to God, or the financial crisis in Spain with few part ti...

  • Al Andalus Seminary Scholarships

    From across southern Spain, candidates for pastors, teachers and ministry workers apply each year to Al Andalus Theological Seminary in Sevilla to prepare for service in their churches and to the lost in society.  The students and staff actively minister to children, gypsies, priso...

  • Al-Andalus Theological Seminary in Sevilla

    Gratitude! That is the key word for the Al Andalus seminary this year as the seminary has moved to new facilities in Santiponce with two classrooms, library, offices and reception area. The seminary was recently approved by TRACS and ATS to offer accredited college and graduate sch...

  • Amealco Church Plant

    For the next 15 years, help develop a church, train leadership and build a church building in Amealco, Mexico.

  • Ancient Monastery of San Isidoro del Campo

    This project will encompass capital funding for the purchase and restoration of the ancient monastery of San Isidoro del Campo in Sevilla, Spain.

  • Athletic Shoes for School Kids

    Ever try to play in gym class with no tennis shoes? It's just no fun! Many low income families that have their children in Penzotti Evangelical Institute (a Christian school in Tegucigalpa, Honduras), can barely afford to buy one pair of formal school shoes for their little ones to use ...

  • Back to School

    In southern Honduras, many rural families struggle with day to day sustenance. Although education is free, many families cannot send their children to school because they cannot afford to purchase uniforms, shoes, and required school supplies.

    The best case scenario for some f...

  • Backpacks for Education

    Help children in Honduras go to school prepared to meet their full potential.

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