Longitude 125

A multinational team from the U.S. and Central America is mobilizing to the Philippines, serving alongside the Filipino church to reach people who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Longitude 125 is a reference not only to Camino's 125 years of history, but also to the fact that the work will be focused at 125 degrees east longitude on the map.

July 2015 was an historic time as the PCEC (Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches) celebrated their 50th anniversary. Even the President and Chief Justice of the Philippines were in attendance. At this event, Camino Global was recognized as a formal partner of the PCEC. After the event, Camino met with business leaders, educators, government officials, and ministry leaders throughout the Philippines.

These were key steps in launching our efforts in this new field. Now, Camino is seeking partners who will invest in this effort to further expand the impact of the Spanish-speaking church in the world.

$50,000 is needed for this work in 2016. 

This investment will allow us to not only coordinate the effort, but also to provide matching funds for missionaries from Latin America who will be raising funds for their ministry costs.

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