Your support helps leaders like Recio and Jose directly impact the world for Christ!

Recio and Jose are two Christian leaders who’ve benefitted greatly from ObreroFiel – an online biblical training module made possible by the support of friends like you.

Recio shares...

Thanks to you, we have grown spiritually, our faith has grown, and [we] trust in God. We believe in Christ Jesus, we know that He lives and that He lives in us.”

And Jose adds...

What I have learned and what I aspire to continue to learn has been a great blessing. The opportunity to make great changes in my life, to change my perspective, and to change my suffering.…I ask God to give me strength and character to persevere and faith to believe with all my heart in the promises and offerings contained in the Word of the Lord.

Thank you for journeying with Recio and Jose as they expand the gospel. And thank you for any gift you can give below to equip more leaders like them to directly impact the world for Christ!