Your Journey with Spanish Speakers

Over the past year, you’ve helped transform communities, equip believers, and reach the world for Jesus. Here’s a glimpse at what you helped make possible…

  • You supported 281 missionaries in 10 countries.
  • You provided discipleship courses for 5,000 people in 12 countries.
  • You provided 30,000 new believers with online follow-up support.
  • You facilitate biblical answers to spiritual questions in Spanish to 12,056,234 online users.
  • You provided online ministry materials to 1.6 million Spanish speakers in 145 countries through the ministry of
  • You provided 20,000 children with clean water by installing 5 wells and providing water filtration systems in 225 public schools.
  • You trained 1,803 students in Camino-related seminaries.
  • You equipped 1,530 leaders with pastoral training… and much more! 


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