'We're going to start to learn who God is'

Natalie Arauco is one of the missionaries you help support through Camino Global. She relates the story of a Spanish-speaking family receiving their first Bibles…

“Last week when we first told you about God, you said you didn’t have Bibles,” I said to Delfi and his wife. The couple across from me nodded. “Well, God has provided you with Bibles!” said my co-worker, Rebeca, as she handed them two new Bibles. 

The husband and wife received them as if they were gold. Their three children flocked to them, chatting excitedly and begging to look at the books. The oldest boy took one of the Bibles and began reading. Then Delfi took his two daughters in his arms and flipped through the pages to show them.

“We’re going to start to learn who God is,” Delfi said, “And we’ll start in John 3:16.” He searched the table of contents, and his son carefully ran his finger along the words until they found the passage. Then Delfi began to read aloud, “For God so loved the world...” 


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