CAM International is now Camino Global

On May 21, 2012, CAM International became Camino Global. Camino was founded in 1890 as the Central American Mission.

Whether you have followed CAM International for a long time and tracked us through the rebranding process, or you are just joining the journey now for the first time, there is a lot to explore in these pages, and you are invited to take a tour of our new home online.

How and why would a 123-year old mission agency change its name?

Rebranding a mission agency with more than a century of history demands patience, sensitivity, respect, and appreciation for rich heritage, while simultaneously requiring a commitment to improve and a clear vision for the future. The phrase "Formerly CAM International" in no way means that we are turning our back on CAM's legacy, but that we are turning a page to the next chapter in a compelling story.

Becoming Camino - Why Change? from Camino Global on Vimeo.

What is Not Changing

The core values and mission that under gird the ministry are not changing. We are as committed today as we were in 1890 to disciple-making. We remain committed to the passionate pursuit of Christ-likeness, Community, Cooperation and Common Vision; these core elements that are at the heart of what we value as a global missionary body. Our commitment to doctrinal integrity is also not changing. Ministry strategies throughout the organization flow from vision that is deeply rooted in the Word of God.

What IS Changing

The geographic scope of our ministry is immensely different than the original late 19th century focus of the Central American Mission.  We are still laser-focused on ministry among Spanish speakers, but the Spanish-speaking world itself is changing on a global scale. Our ministry reach in the 21st century now extends to five continents, especially when you consider the Spanish speakers in more than 100 countries who are impacted daily through the explosive growth of online ministries.

The journey is now global, not just regional. The word CAMINO is an important part of our new name that describes the journey with Spanish speakers, but the word GLOBAL is an equally important word that reflects just how extensive that journey is.  We were founded to reach Spanish speakers in Central America, and we are growing to journey with Spanish speakers everywhere.

Leadership of the mission is also changing.  Camino Global is launching concurrently with the transition to a new President and senior leadership team.  As President for the past 11 years, Dr. Daniel Wicher guided the mission through recent seasons of deep organizational change, positioning it for this important and historic milestone.  Douglas Livingston will provide visionary leadership for the next season of global growth and transformational impact.