Our Missionaries & Staff

Alvin and Laurie Thompson

Alvin and Laurie Thompson have served with Camino Global since 1992. They have been involved in theological education and leadership training at the Central American Theological Seminary (SETECA) in Guatemala. In 2004 Alvin was given the task of directing the online Masters Program for the seminary.

Theological Education

Alvin and Laurie have long had a heart for discipleship and leadership training. They have been involved in a variety of ministries oriented toward discipleship. After graduating from Dallas Seminary (ThM and PhD), Alvin, together with Laurie, served at SETECA in Guatemala teaching and discipling students, future leaders for the Church in the Spanish-speaking world.

Since 2004, Alvin has been directing the Online Masters Program, as well as teaching students throughout the world via the Internet for SETECA. Laurie has been and continues to be involved in women’s ministries both in Latin America and the U.S.

Link: alvinthompson.org
Link: seteca.edu
Link: seteca-maestria.org