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  • Jim and Jenny Adams

    Jim and Jenny have served with Camino Global since 1994, first in El Salvador and now in Guatemala at the Central American Theological Seminary (SETECA). SETECA is an influential Latin American seminary with students from over 20 countries preparing to serve Christ around the world.

  • Natalie Arauco

    Natalie will serve the indigenous people of Chivoc, Guatemala through teaching English in the public school, and partnering with the local church in community outreach. By working alongside the local people, Natalie will be able to help build a Christian community and expand their opportunities. ...

  • Marievelia Berger

    Serving in Guatemala with TGNA Radio.

  • Oscar and Ana Maria Campos

    Ana María and Oscar are dedicated to training men and women for Christian ministry at Central American Theological Seminary (SETECA). They influence over 1200 students from 22 countries who become pastors, missionaries around the world, and Christian workers. Over 2,300 are serving in 30 d...

  • John and Gail Conner

    John teaches at Central American Theological Seminary equipping men and women from over twenty nations for Christian servant-leadership around the world. He also serves as pastor of a local church where the practice of teaching and discipling people as followers of Jesus finds a very daily outlet...

  • David and Andrea Ruiz

    Serving in global mobilization in Guatemala.

  • Jim and Cheryl Eberline

    Jim and Cheryl are preparing to relocate in Guatemala to mentor the Latin missions force as they journey with Spanish speakers to transform the world.

  • Sarah Gibbs de Carranza

    Sarah Gibbs de Carranza serves as the 1st Grade Core Teacher at the Christian Academy of Guatemala. This is a school for children of missionaries who are in the field of Guatemala. There are students who are from the United States, Guatemala and Korea at the Christian Academy of Guatemala.

  • Bob and Ann Henriques

    Bob and Ann teach at the Central American Theological Seminary courses in Bible, Greek  and related subjects. They are involved in a three-hundred member congregation that they helped to start twenty-five years ago. Periodically, they host teams of young people that come to Guatemala for a c...

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