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  • Amado and Barbara Lozano

    Amado and Barbara have been involved in church planting and leadership training since they joined Camino Global in 1982 after graduating from Dallas Seminary. They currently pastor the Hidalgo Apartment Mission and the Grapevine apartment ministry. Amado also travels yearly to Mexico, Cuba, and G...

  • Timothy and Monica Lozano

    The Lozanos have ministered in the US and South America through church planting, evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training for more than 20 years. Timothy is currently the broadcast director at KGBA 1490 AM in El Centro. Monica is active in women's ministry, discipiling and counseling wom...

  • Jennifer Luderman

    Jennifer Luderman has served with Camino Global in the Dallas office since January of 2001. She now works in a customer service capacity in addition to other duties for the Camino Medical Plan and Camino Auto Plan.

  • Linda MacRae

    Serving in Guatemala at SETECA.

  • Michael and Gina Makidon

    Michael will be training leaders by teaching New Testament. Gina will be counseling individuals and families, teaching students, and helping to restore missionary families that are on the verge of burnout. Although we will have two separate ministries, we have one vision — to impac...

  • Zac and Jennifer Malthaner

    Zac and Jennifer have a passion for telling people about the love and hope that is found only in Jesus Christ.  They were appointed by Camino Global in August 2013. They will be serving in Puebla, Mexico, doing evangelism, discipleship, and church planting through martial arts, sports, ...

  • Jacob and Amanda Marchlewski

    Jacob and Amanda are currently serving long term in Honduras with their children. 

  • Dona Martin

    Accounting and financial administration at Camino Dalas.

  • Enrique and Norma Martinez

    The Martinez family is serving in discipleship, bible engagement and reflection of the scriptures, leadership training, and social responsibility with the local churches. Their health ministry is working with a sustainable medical clinic that reaches patients who are not able to afford ...

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